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Transcription Services

We provide quality, reliable and confidential services. We have a broad range of medical experience, giving us the ability to correctly transcribe medical phrases and terminologies.

We have a secure area on our website, www.medi-bill.online, where you can securely upload your files to be transcribed. Register on our website to create a username and password.

Medi-Bill Online can transcribe from the following file formats :

  • DSS (preferred)
  • WAV
  • MP3

Our general turnaround time is 2-3 business days; any urgent transcriptions please contact us.

Our Audio Recording guide :

  • Ensure you speak clearly and slowly into the microphone.
  • Invest in a digital recorder. The quality of your voice will be clearer and can be instantly sent for transcription
  • Dictate in a quite area with no background noise

The benefits of working with us:

  • You only pay for what you use
  • Free up your time – giving more time for better patient care
  • Permanent or casual arrangement

As an incentive we would like to offer you 1 free transcription when you send us 5 files for transcription.

Save time and money by outsourcing your dictation to Medi-Bill Online. Then upload the dictation as an audio file on our secure server. We will transcribe your file and send it to you for review or we can transcribe directly into your patient files.

About Medibill

Spend more time on your business. Let Medi-Bill Online handle all your billing and admin work.


Why Medi-Bill Online?

Medi-Bill Online is here to help you get back to your business.

Most doctors and other health-care providers are too busy to look after their billing and administrative jobs. The result is delayed or lost payments, paperwork backlog and loss of time and effciency.

Whether you're a sole practitioner or a practice with multiple doctors with timely filing limits, claim refusals and coding issues, transcribing, you could end up spending more time on administration than on your patients

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  • In house billing is more expensive than outsourcing
  • You could spend 30 minutes or more on hold with Medicare or Workers Comp for just 1 claim.

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